Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Floyd Young Life has hit the ground running…literally!

On September 16, Floyd YL had its first club of the new school year! We participated in a new version of “Couch-O-Rama” that we named “Kiddie-Pool-O-Rama.” The night consisted of 6 teams of 7 to 12 kids, each team had its own un-inflated kiddie pool that they were required to bring around town and take pictures of their team IN their pool at various checkpoints. Some of these checkpoints included in a pick-up truck bed, next to the cow outside of Harvest Moon, and with a FCHS teacher or coach that might happen to be in town. It was a ton of fun running around town like crazy people trying to help our teams win, but I think what most of the kids and leaders enjoyed the most was the opportunity to forget about whatever was on our minds or bothering us as we all showed up to clubhouse in the basement of the State Farm building in town that night. After the adrenaline rush of running around town while simultaneously trying to blow up our inflatable pools, we returned to the clubhouse for the rest of club where we sang a few songs then heard a message from Morgan about Jesus spending time with sinners and how he is totally not who we would expect and is someone worth hearing more about! 
Kids sing in Clubroom, some still in their kiddie pools!

Heres what is happening with Young Life for the next month:

September 30: YL Club, meet at the clubhouse at 6:45 pm
October 14: Dodgeball Club! Location TBA
October 28: YL Club, meet at the clubhouse at 6:45 pm

Campaigners will be every Thursday night at 7 o’clock at the Grims’ home: 1419 Old Furnace Road