Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Club Begins!

Above, kids start club with Paper/Rock/Scissors-Under-Over (Loser joins line, through winner's legs!) 

At the first Club of the Spring 2013, or maybe it's still winter...  a mixed crowd of kids from all over the social spectrum and grade-range gathered together to laugh, to sing, to hear about a love that isn't based on performance or behavior but on the endless compassion of Jesus Christ.  Kevin read the story of Zaccheus and told kids at the closing of Club, "That is the kind of love we'll be talking about this semester!"  "That" is the kind of love that changes lives, and communities, and relationships.  "That" is the kind of love that welcomes kids of all kinds. "That" is the kind of love that reaches out and restores goodness to our broken world.  "That" love is from Jesus.  Pray that kids understand their worth & the love the Father has for them as they show up, laugh, and listen each week to a message of "that love."