Leaders & Committee

       Assisting local staff are 8 volunteer leaders & the Young Life Adult Committee chaired by Joanne Sholar.  Our Committee & Leaders are vital to reaching kids--they set a prayerful foundation as well as providing financial & administrative support needed to run our area.   
     Young Life leaders are known for reaching out to teens who are often disinterested & searching.  This means befriending and inviting ALL different kinds of kids.  
     Though we use different approaches to attract them to events, it’s relationships & truth of the gospel that radically changes kids’ lives.  We nurture kids so that they might grow in their love for Christ, for God’s word, and in their desire to share it with others.  Leaders nurture them for a lifetime of leadership in their community. 

Volunteer Leaders:
Daniel Grim, Mark Miner, Patrick Kemp, Kevin Smusz, Kathryn Schumann, Michelle Trice, Emily Boward, Kara Schmitt.

Adult Committee Members:
Joanne & John Sholar, Bob & Peggy Burgin, David & Cindy Blevins, Ramona & Mitch Mitchell, Jack Wall, Theo & Lidia Van Blerk, Carter & Marty Holiday, Cynthia Babb, Randy & Melissa McDaniel, Neil & Sally Sagebiel, David & Ginger Taylor, Carolyn & Terry Quinn, John & Betty Getgood, Rhonda Hobbs,  Lydeana & Charlie Martin.