Tuesday, October 29, 2013

November Update

     A busy month has passed, but an even busier month is coming up! Thrift Shop Club was our most exciting club so far this semester. Kids were encouraged to get a group of friends together to hit the local thrift stores such as Angels in the Attic or the more well-known Goodwills throughout the NRV. Kids showed up, some in crazy outfits, others in what they wore to school that day and were pleased to find tons of donated clothes that they could have their pick of to find their perfect outfit for the night. We had boys v. girls relay races and the kids with the best outfit won the highly sought after “Golden Shoe” lamp as a prize (pictured below). Kevin shared the power of Jesus by talking about him calming the storm and applying that to what that means in our lives. 
Bryce Altizer wins costume contest
     It has been a fun semester of clubs, games and relationships deepening between kids and leaders. The next half of the semester should be even more exciting! Here’s a look at what’s coming up in YL:
*November 4th- Fall Weekend Sign-Up Night at El Charro, 6:30-8 pm: If your child wants to go to Fall Weekend and you, as a parent, would like more information please drop by Nov. 4th or call Kevin Parkhurst- 540-250-5708
*November 11th- “Country” Club 6:45 pm at the Clubhouse: 
*November 15-17: FALL WEEKEND!! At Rockbridge Young Life Camp
*November 25th- 2nd Annual FEAST Club! 6:45 at the Clubhouse
*Campaigners: Every Thursday at 7 at the Clubhouse