Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March/April Update

Upcoming YL and WL Schedules:
  • Young Life Club: Every Monday, 6:30 pm at the Grims (1419 Old Furnace Road)
  • Young Life Campaigners: Every Thursday morning, 7 am at Floyd Presbyterian
  • Wyldlife Club: March 21st, April 4th, April 25th at the Sagebiels (521 Oak Hill Drive)
  • Wyldlife Campaigners: First three Mondays of each month, 6:30-7:30 at the Gills (240 Airport Road NW, Riner, VA 24149)
“No more snow!” Those three words could be used to sum up the feelings of the Young Life and Wyldlife leaders in Floyd County this past month. The winter weather seems to love coming on Mondays and Fridays lately, which has caused numerous cancellations of Young Life and Wyldlife events since mid-February. It hasn’t stopped leaders from doing what they can to invest in middle school and high school students in whatever way they can. Leaders are showing up at lunches, at sporting events, even coaching some sports. They are taking kids to coffee or playing video games with kids after school. Young Life’s mission doesn’t stop at club and campaigner events. In fact, our ministry is different because our leaders go to kid’s “turf” rather than simply asking kids to come to our YL events. It is in this way that we reach the kids that are on the outside, kids that are left out or overlooked. No matter if it snows from today until the last day of school this spring, our Young Life and Wyldlife leaders will be in Floyd investing in teens in Floyd in whatever ways we can imagine!

     Floyd County teens join their leaders for the "best week of their lives" in Goshen, VA. Registration has begun! $50 depotsits can be mailed in to PO Box 662 Floyd, Va with your child's name in memo line or given to Young Life leaders.
     Donations for camp scholarships are tax-deductable and separate from our operating budget.  Our main camp fundraiser will include sending out support letters to family and friends of kids who wish to participate in serving our community through ProjectFloyd. 

ProjectFloyd MAY 10, 2014:
Our county-wide service day is organized by Young Life to get kdis and adults in our community serving to meet local needs. Visit projectfloyd.org for details! 
Sign up online or contact us for info about volunteering or work projects.