Friday, February 14, 2014

February Update

3 of our Floyd Work Crew Girls fold in Camp Store
   Last month, we took nearly 30 high school students and college leaders to do work crew at Rockbridge Young Life Camp in Lexington, VA. There was a Wyldlife Winter Weekend being held at the camp that weekend with more than 450 middle school students from all over Virginia, Maryland & West Virginia. The work crew from Floyd served all over camp, from working in the Dining Hall and serving food at meals, to working in the snack bar and the camp store. Much of what the work crew does is totally anonymous and thankless, but the students who came wanted to do it because they knew that their behind the scenes work could help a middle schooler have a better understanding of who Jesus is and what he did for them. 

      Many of those who were on the work crew had experienced a weekend at camp before they chose to do work crew. Some of those kids chose to do work crew in January because they experienced Jesus’ love for them through the work crew that was there to serve them. A few students are considering giving up an entire month of their summer to serve at a camp on a longer-term work crew. They are willing to sacrifice their time so others can have a chance at experiencing Jesus’ love in a way that they have!
     Through Young Life in Floyd, high school and middle school aged kids are reaching out and caring for others in sometimes sacrificial and intimidating ways. They are looking for ways to serve each other in response to the way that Jesus sacrificially loved and cared for them.

Events/Opportunities in the upcoming weeks include:

  • Young Life will be every Monday night this winter from 6:30-8 at the Grims’ home: 1419 Old Furnace Road (with the exception of Shoe-Raid Club explained below).
  • Campaigners will meet every Thursday morning at Floyd Presbyterian Church at 7 am. Breakfast will be provided. 
  • Shoe-Raid Club will be February 24th at 6:30. See video below & email if you want to drop off shoes in the next 2 weeks. Spread the word and help us get another 800 shoes in the next 2 weeks! 
  • Leader Committee Weekend (LCW) February 28-March 2nd. This weekend is in Richmond and will host every leader and Young Life committee person in the state of Virginia for encouraging talks, informative seminars on leadership, and opportunities to serve in downtown Richmond. We leave Floyd by 3 pm Friday the 28th and return at 6 pm on Sunday. Parents can find out more information directly about LCW, but we encourage only sophomores, juniors, and seniors to pursue this opportunity.